The North West, from Diégo Suarez to Baie de Baly accounts for the most beautiful sites in Madagascar.  Pristine beaches, creeks, and rocky shores stand along an islets-dotted sea.  The hinterland, combining a magnificent marine environment with a remarkably interesting coastal one, symbolises the uniqueness of the Big Island.
Located off the northwest coast of Madagascar, Nosy Be is the largest island of the archipelago of the same name. The archipelago is considered to have some of the most beautiful beaches in the world. The exotic island is the location of a lot of luxury hotels, gourmet restaurants, nightclubs and shops – but it has maintained the most important: the natural harmony and the quiet atmosphere. The rare black lemurs and the chameleon live on its territory. World-famous diving spots await the divers on Nosy Be Island. In addition to hundreds of exotic sea-dwellers, one can see the ruined old ships in coastal waters.
The Antongil Bay and the SAVA regions are biodiversity-rich with a lot of their history written by pirates.  It is also believed that it was one of the very first places of human settlements in Madagascar.  Could this be the reason why in each Malagasy house the North Eastern corner is considered the ancestors’ corner?

When to visit:

from March to December

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Hot and humid



Diego Suarez and its bays, Amber Mountain NP, Ankarana “Tsingy” NP, Lokobe NP, vanilla and ylang-ylang fields, Nosy Be islands



Nosy Be islands, Diego Suarez

Travel Packages

Bay of Diego Suarez

Wonders of sea and nature in the North of Madagascar

North itinerary 12 days/11 nights

When to go: from March to December

Highlights: Diego Suarez and it’s bays, Amber Mountain National Park, Ankarana “Tsingy” National Park, vanilla and ylang-ylang fields, the islands of Nosy Be archipelago, Lokobe National Park, beaches of Nosy Be, Antananarivo



Big tour of Madagascar from the south to the north

South + North combination 15 days/14 nights

When to go: March-December

Highlights: Antananarivo, Isalo National Park, Anja Park, Ranomafana National Park, baobab trees, mahafaly tombs, beaches of Ifaty, Montagne d’Ambre National Park, Ankarana Tsingy National Park, Nosy Be islands&beaches

Beach and zebu cart


Glimpse into Madagascar: discover Central Madagascar and relax at Nosy Be island

East+North itinerary 9 days/8 nights

When to go: March-December

Highlights: Andasibe-Mantadia NP, Vakona Reserve, Antananarivo, Nosy Be islands, beautiful beaches

Nosy Be beach (2)


Holiday in Madagascar on the island of Nosy Be 

Holiday programme on Nosy Be in the North 9 days/8 nights

When to go: all year long

Highlights: the beautiful islands of Nosy Be archipelago, Lokobe National Park, beaches, diving, whale-watching

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Discover the exceptional fauna and flora, fantastic landscapes of the Northern part of Madagascar which is like a jewel box. Ending with the perfect Sea, Sand and Sun…

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