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The first thing to consider when you plan your trip to Madagascar is its size and the distances between places.

As the island of Madagascar is big – nearly the size of France –, you should choose carefully your itinerary upon your preferences, the time and the budget you have.

We are here to help you.

Our tour propositions include different itineraries (south, west, north and east) which usually consist of a combination of circuit and seaside holiday.

You can visit one region during a 6-10 day long tour.

It is possible of course to do tours combining different regions by adding extra days to your trip.

Please note that the tours are merely proposals, we are always pleased to organize tailor made tours according to your needs!

Custom Travel Experience

Every traveler is unique. Every trip should be the same.

Let us craft a tailor-made journey for you. A specially designed adventure and experience to accommodate your particular travel style and interests. Our custom tours range from full-day experiences to multi-week expeditions, from authentic. Contact us to start planning!

Vezo woman

No Distance Is too Far

Prepare yourself for a colourful journey, an immersion of all that is Madagascar: an immense variety of landscapes, wildlife, people and culture.

Climate zones

Ethnic groups

Km of beaches

% of endemism

choose your tour

By region / by activity / by the length of your stay… ? Choose which aspects are most important for you and make your choice based on it.

We at Jacaranda give a color to each region,
the color representing the athmosphere, the climate and the landscapes of the regions:
green for the forests of eastern Madagascar;
red for the vast expanses of the west,
blue for the beauty of the coastline to the north,
yellow for the thorny semi-desert to the south.


Choose your tour by region


the lush east


Diegor Suarez


the enchanting north



the majestic west



the great South


Central Highlands


fascinating landscapes


Nosy Be


the perfumed island



Choose your tour by activity

Circuit + beach stay

Almost all of our tours consist of a combination of circuit + beach stay. It is an ideal combination of discovery & relaxation. Usually, you depart from the capital Antananarivo, you do a 5-8 day circuit at the end of which you arrive to the seaside. You can spend as many days as you wish by the sea. Please check our tours by regions , you will find the different alternatives.

Adventure tours / specialized tours

The island of Madagascar offers a lot of alternatives for adventure tours. Trekking, hiking, camping, kayaking, cycling, surfing or kite-surfing, 4WD tours, quads, boat trips… 

Madagascar is also a favourite spot for birdwatchers (lot of endemic bird species) or divers (beatiful coral reefs, whales, whale sharks, manta rays, etc.)

Please contact us for adventure or specialized tours.

Beach holiday

Madagascar is a perfect place also for relaxation at endless, beautiful beaches. Usually, the best spot for this is Nosy Be island, you can arrive there directly with some international flights. (Check this tour here.) However, there are other options, too, as the island of Sainte Marie or the beaches around Tulear in the south. You can arrive at these spots by taking a domestic flight from the capital Antananarivo.  

With kids

Lots of lemurs, a variety of other animals, beautiful excursions in the nature, nice beaches, interesting local culture – everything is together in Madagascar if you are travelling with kids. It is not only an interesting and very enjoyable trip for them but also an eye opening experience to see other culture, other lifestyles, in a poorer part of the world. However, you should choose your itinerary carefully as long driving hours by car can be tiring for the smaller ones. Please contact us for uniquely designed tours for families. 

Check out a nice video here.

Off the beaten track

One of the biggest attraction of Madagascar, apart from its unique nature, is its authenticity. There are less and less countries in the world that can offer such authentic experience. It is well worth leaving the main itineraries and you will directly find yourself  in the middle of untouched villages and ancient culture with strong traditions. An extra reward is always the contact with local people who are welcoming. You can travel as the locals in the taxi-brousse, pirogue or zebu cart, do some days’ trekking in remote villages inaccessible by car, or even participate at some local traditional event. 

Please contact us for “off the beaten track” tours.

Solidary trips

Besides its natural richness, unfortunately, Madagascar is a very poor country. Almost 70% of its inhabitants don’t have access to electricity or running water, living conditions are very difficult for the majority of the population. Also, the nature and the biodiversity of the island is endangered and needs serious care and regulations. Many NGO-s are working in the country and there is big need for them. For those interested, we are always pleased to organise solidary trips during which we visit local solidary projects, we get an insight in the everyday life and the amazing culture of local people. Besides,of course, we do not miss visiting the main attractions of the island, too!

An unforgettable and very rewarding trip.

Please contact us for more details.   


Choose your tour by the length of your stay

3-6 days

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7-12 days

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More than 12 days

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Choose your tour by category



– our most popular tours 

Ring tailed lemur


Madagascar, island of a thousand faces

South+East itinerary, 12 days/11 nights

When to go: March-December

Highlights: Andasibe-Mantadia NP, Antananarivo, Nosy Be islands, beautiful beaches

Bay of Diego Suarez

Wonders of sea and nature in the North of Madagascar

North itinerary 12 days/11 nights

When to go: from March to December

Highlights: Diego Suarez and it’s bays, Amber Mountain National Park, Ankarana “Tsingy” National Park, vanilla and ylang-ylang fields, the islands of Nosy Be archipelago, Lokobe National Park, beaches of Nosy Be, Antananarivo

However little food we have, we’ll share it

even if it’s only one locust.

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