the lush east


In the Malagasy people’s perception, the Eastern forest symbolises inexhaustible wealth!  Such a positive image should be toned down as deforestation also remains an issue to tackle in this part of the country.  The East has tremendous potential, thanks to the valuables tree species of its forests, its underground resources, its abundant food and industrial production, its natural sanctuaries and preserved sites. The famous “Eastern rain” does not even constitute an impediment to visitors.  Nature would not be this beautiful without it…



The South East of Madagascar is more difficult to approach; it hide sites, which are barely acquainted with tourism, but which amaze their visitors. With the forests in the background, the Betsileo, Tanala and Antemoro landscapes will reveal themselves to the eyes. Both the North and South East are lands of great diversity.

When to visit:

from April to November

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Tropical humid



Andasibe-Mantadia NP, Palmarium Reserve, Pangalanes Channel, lush rainforests, Sainte Marie Island



Sainte Marie Island, Foulpointe

Travel Packages

Pangalanes Channel

Circuit and holiday in the land of lemurs and spices

East itinerary 11 days/10 nights

When to go: March-November

Highlights: Andasibe-Mantadia NP, Vakona Reserve, Palmarium Reserve, Pangalanes Channel, lush rainforests, beaches of Sainte Marie Island, Antananarivo

Beach and zebu cart


Glimpse into Madagascar: discover Central Madagascar and relax at Nosy Be island

East+North itinerary 9 days/8 nights

When to go: March-December

Highlights: Andasibe-Mantadia NP, Vakona Reserve, Antananarivo, Nosy Be islands, beautiful beaches

Ring tailed lemur


Madagascar, island of a thousand faces

South+East itinerary, 12 days/11 nights

When to go: all year long

Highlights: Andasibe-Mantadia NP, Vakona Reserve, Antananarivo, Isalo National Park, Anja Park, Ranomafana National Park, baobab trees, mahafaly tombs, beaches of Ifaty

take a closer look…

Discover the incredibly green and lush Eastern part of the big island

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